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Pictured: A recent photo of Logue and Jade with actor Gilles Marini before her disappearance The 51-year-old's team added to E!

News: 'Donal is incredibly thankful for everyone's support, and especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return.' Police told ABC News that Jade was found safe in North Carolina but didn't clarify if the teen had run away.

Haleh Adams, portrayed by Yvette Freeman, is a nurse in the ER of County General Hospital.

She is one of only six characters to appear in every season.

The Vikings crew obviously needed somewhere that would have no mercy on Bjorn, and what better place than the winter setting of Sault St. Scenes from Season 4 were shot in Ontario before production officially began in Ireland for that season.

Among other northerners are Donal Logue (King Horik), Kevin Durand (Harbard) and Lothaire Bluteau (King Charles).

Donal Logue's missing daughter has been found, nearly two weeks after the actor launched an online campaign to find the teenager.

Representatives for the Gotham star announced that 16-year-old Jade Logue was 'safely back home with her family' on Saturday.

The desperate father has posted multiple times on social media, enlisting the public's help in finding his child when she didn't come home after meeting a friend.

In an update Wednesday morning, the Gotham star posted a photo of Jade posing with actor Gilles Marini and said: 'She is not back- that's why we want her back.' Donal Logue is still searching for his missing transgender daughter Jade, 16, who disappeared in New York City on June 26.

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Haleh has been fired for short periods twice: during one episode in season 9 ("Finders Keepers"), she was fired for a few hours by chief of the Emergency Room Robert Romano, but returned when Romano learned that nurses had lots of syndicates to protect them. Though Haleh and Abby were the only two nurses who were given "screen time" during Mark Greene's funeral, part of Lydia can also be seen, standing next to Frank.

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