Online dating product review david deangelo Cuckold sex couples

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Online dating product review david deangelo

So, in today’s post I decided I wanted to switch things up and talk about a program that has been out for a while, that you may not have heard of before – David De Angelo’s “Advanced Dating Techniques”…

This is a review – Click Here for the Official Advanced Dating Techniques website…

And the things I’ve learned from David over the years have definitely helped me to massively improve my life, with women and otherwise. is the first guy to ever get really famous for teaching this stuff and he is responsible for launching the careers of many of the big name dating gurus because he featured them in his programs and his monthly interview series that used to come with Double Your Dating. was the fact that his stuff is intended for normal guys. I like that he seems humble and doesn’t have a big ego like a lot of guys who teach dating advice.

And the stuff he teaches is clear, straight forward advice about women that actually works. He thinks about this stuff deeply and he breaks down and explains things in a way that clearly works for a lot of guys.

If you have studied any dating advice at all, you have probably heard the name David De Angelo…

I thought the emails sounded a little weird, but hey I am a guy, right?

Once I made those changes to my profile and emails, my email inbox started going CRAZY in just a few short hours!

When there's so much hype and crap on the internet these days, you can never get enough proof... Turns out I was missing a few key points that you laid out in your program.

He knows that his stuff is real, and I know from experience that you'll get a ton of value from using his strategies.

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Today I want to talk about what you should do on a first date.

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