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Instead, Lord Neuberger, Lady Hale, Lord Kerr, Lord Hughes, and Lord Thomas, squared up against Ivey’s legal counsel: Richard Spearman QC.

The UK Supreme Court donned their superhero costumes after Ivey, and his legal team failed twice to prove Ivey and his buddy Cheung Yin Sun’s innocence.

Ivey's lawyer told the AP, "What this ruling says is a player is prohibited from combining his skill and intellect and visual acuity to beat the casino at its own game." Ivey will appeal the ruling.

As Phil Ivey stopped receiving funds from From the original divorce settlement it also turned out that Ivey had a 0,000 credit card debt and a total of ,1 million gambling and other debts. In his response to the ex-wife's petition he wrote: Nevertheless, Luciaetta hired Bruce Shapiro in March and went to the Supreme Court with her petition, which they are currently pursuing.

Friday, July 11, 2014 -- PM ESTCHIP-CHATS-DAY-3-LETDOWNS-IVEY-HISTORICALLY-AND-BIG-LEAPS-FOR-ANDREW-LIPORACE Why having a big stack now is not good thing and where in the counts to find this year's champion.

Friday, July 11, 2014 -- AM ESTANDREW-LIPORACE-LEADS-IVEY-AND-SEED-SURVIVE-A-BUSY-MAIN-EVENT-DAY-3 Paul Pierce and Ryan Riess are on the rail, but there are plenty of superstars left in the final 746.

The Borgata took him to court claiming Ivey broke the rules and they wanted their money back.

A judge has now weighed in and claimed Ivey didn't violate game rules -- but DID violate a New Jersey gambling law that's supposed to block players from using strategies like "edge-sorting" to swing the odds in their favor.

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The case is still open, and Phil Ivey seems to be in a rather tough situation.