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Sturmey archer hub dating

I enjoy its charming simplicity, its flaws, and the fact that I'm probably the only person who can get it up to speed. A recent acquisition occupies the opposite end of the pushbike spectrum.

Devoid as it is of idiosyncrasy and heritage, the bicycle currently wedged awkwardly into a cupboard in the office doesn't raise a smile, nor does it look particularly nice.

Because from where I'm sitting, it's the answer to Britain's green transport woes.

he Gtech e Scent has taken a couple of weeks to get used to.

Why have component manufacturers gone to such lengths to bring us technology allowing a bicycle to have up to 33 gears?

This Méral has a shifter boss on the seat tube – for engaging a bottom bracket mounted dynamo.That’s when I discovered that the threads on the shifter mounts did not match any threads on any shifters I tried, even including some Simplex shifters from this era.That’s because these shifter bosses are tapped with 6 x .8mm threads (not 5 x .8), as you can see from the above nomenclature on the bike’s Simplex shifter boss bolts.If you haven’t a clue how many gears your bike has, how many you actually need or even how to use them properly, don’t worry — you’re not alone.We demystify derailleurs and sprockets and explain why in cycling STIs are a good thing to have We’ve all heard it; most of us have probably said it, or at least thought it — why on earth do I need 33 bike gears?

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When I acquired the bike, the lights and dynamo had been removed from the frame.