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Updating delphi 6 personal

Embarcadero supplies drivers for many databases, including Oracle, Firebird, Inter Base, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, My SQL and ODBC.

– Marco Cantù – Google This entry was posted on 2017/06/13 at and is filed under Delphi, Development, Power User, Software Development, Windows, Windows 10.Nowadays the drivers are written in Delphi itself and source code for most parts is available.Most drivers today are unicode enabled since Delphi itself switched to unicode with version 2009.Starting with Delphi 2007 (db Express 4 generation) a tracing driver is included as well which allows for logging all statements sent to the database.Prior to version 4 of db Express the drivers used the Microsoft COM technology and most drivers were not unicode enabled.

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We recommend this because we have heard a report of an installation failure with a fresh CD install without any update packs.