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"All I'm saying is, ' Yeah we're together, cool.'"Watch the full interview with Mac Miller below.

Played Calleigh Duquesne on CSI: Miami and also played White House Counsel member Ainsley Hayes on The West Wing.

"Timetable-wise, how quickly do you think I can make an album? Host Angela Yee went on to ask Miller if the pop princess was his "dream woman." Miller confirmed that she was, noting that even though they're a couple now, the pair were just "really close friends" back in 2013 when they first collaboarated on Grande's breakout hit "The Way," which peaked at no.Now, it just might be stereotyping, but My theory is that at most of the people who sing YMCA at baseball games doesnt know what the song (seems to be) is about. Ill also bet that most students, bored by badly taught works of (enter namefamous gay writer here) dont know that sonnets written by (same here) where by a gay man. The realization of Freddie Mercury or Alan Turings homosexuality? But really, in my book, the more gay visability, the better, while the more text books that never have even one line saying, "such-and-such famous artist was gay", and instead let kids think that there is no one gay is a bad thing. You're right, if I want to comment on the fact that he's started 36 threads in the last 40 days, and has a posting rate three times my own ridiculously hight rate, I should take it to the Pit. It isn't unimportant but I think our goal as a society should be to reach a point where when we learn someone is gay the general public's response is "meh."As long as we are off topic, and onto how many threads I start, let me post a comparison. I just learned that *glances at clock* two minutes ago. ")I haven't any inkling of the truth, but I have come across rumors that the Drudge Report dude* is gay.No, it was the trival fact that while the Japanese manga (comic book) Miyuki-chan in Wonderland which depicts the Alice in Wonderland inspired adventures of a young girls dreams of being chased by women, is obviously about a young girl running from the fact that she is a lesbian, people I have met in real life seem shocked by the idea. started and got good responces: Romances or attraction between humans and non-humans Modify Bible verses, for humorous purposes, or to add the opposition. Other than that, so far, no one that I can think of. I was surprised when I heard that Portia de Rossi and Jorja Fox were gay. This seems to be based on various sightings of him hanging out in obviously gay bars.It was about seven years ago that I became unexpectedly single due to a seemingly promising relationship gone horribly wrong. Discontentment and envy have made themselves at home in their hearts. I remember praying for months, with tears falling down my cheeks, as I tried to figure out what God’s plan was for me. They are disappointed that their life isn’t where they expected it to be at their age.

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At the end of the season of "CSI" that kicks off at 8 p.m. 2), Petersen will still have time left on his contract with CBS, which runs out in 2008.

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